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What is a Wraptor Mattress?

Wraptor Mattress is a bariatric mattress designed to be compatible with all makes and models of ambulance cots and stretchers.

  • Compatible With All Make And Model Cots
  • Always There When You Need It
  • Side-Wrap Panels Are Detachable And Washable
  • Feedback From Large Body Patients Overwhelming Confirms An Awareness Of Being Safer And More Secure Than When Transported With Cot Surface Extension Devices
  • Available In Two Sizes, Standard Size Cots And Wide Body Cot Surfaces
  • Wraps Any Size Patient Up To The Heaviest Of Bariatric Patients
  • Enables Large Body Patients And Cot To Fit Through Standard Door Openings
  • Allows Room On The Cot Sides For Lifting
  • Centered Body Weight Substantially Reduces Cot Tipping
  • Keeps Patient From Sliding Down When The Backrest Is In A Semi Fowler Position
  • Decreasing Patient Anxiety, Increase Patient Comfort